Dr. Abdul Kader Kotob Center for Communication Disorders

The Service

This center operates as part of the organisation’s School for the Deaf. It was initiated in 2013 to accommodate and care for children aged from 3 to 6 years who suffer from mild difficulties in oral language and communication.

The center, which is the only one in the Saida area, aims to reintegrate students with such cases into mainstream schools later by enhancing the students ‘abilities to exercise cultural, social and artistic activities and development as best fits their potential and desires.

It is directly supervised and administered by a group of psychologists, speech therapists and social therapists.

Since 2014, due to the increased need, new classes have been added to the center to accommodate a bigger number of students. A donation to establish the center was generously granted by Mr. Mohammad Kotob, brother of the late Mr. Abdel Kader Kotob.

The center aims to reintegrate its students into mainstream schools later