Funeral Oration of Mrs. Fatina Jardaly

The funeral oration of passed Mrs. Fatina Jardaly, principal of Orphan Welfare Society, was held at Orphan Welfare Society theatre on Nov. 22nd. Mufti Sheikh Salim Soussan, PM. Mrs. Bahia Hariri, President of Orphan Welfare Society Dr. Said El-Makkaoui, representatives of ministers and political parties, Mrs. Fatina’s family members, employees and children of OWS were present. The video clip that the hearing imapired students sang the national anthem with the suprano Hiba Kawas was presented for the first time and was dedicated to Mrs. Fatina's spirit. 

Mrs. Bahia Hariri, in her speech, memorized the relation between her and Mrs. Fatina. She noted the role that Mrs. Fatina played in our community in the past fifty years in embrassing the orphans and the underprivileged children despite all the political and economical circumstances that our country faced. 

Dr. Said El-Makkaoui, president of Orphan Welfare Society, addressed the attendees a touchy speech and mentioned her passion towards the children and the association. Also, he highlighted how she was very careful about everything till her death. 

Mr. Ali Jibai, one of who were raised at the Dar, delivered a poem about Mrs. Fatina. Also, his peer, Mr. Mohammad Majzoub, addressed a speech and mentioned how Mrs. Fatina kept urging him to study untill he became a teacher. 

Finally, Mr. Mohammad Barakat, the x-president of Islamic Orphan Welfare in Beirut, said that Mrs. Fatina loved her work till the last minute in her life. 

Mr. Nabil Fakhory, her husband, memorized the phases that he and Mrs. Fatina passed at the Dar and their home. 



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