Volunteer Day 2015

Orphan Welfare Society Saida held a gathering on the occasion of International Volunteer Day in honor of its volunteers. The gathering was an opportunity for the Society to thank the volunteers and in turn it was an opportunity for the volunteers to talk about their experience at the Dar.

What was special this year is the honoring of Dr. Abdullah Kanaan, who is volunteering at our association since 1978 at the School for the Deaf. Dr. Kanaan is responsible to diagnose the level of hearing impairment for the children.  

At the end of the gathering, all the volunteers planted a tree in Dar Garden and it was called the “The Volunteers Tree” and took photos.

 In addition, the students from the photography and culinary classes of the Dar Vocational School took all the photos and attended to all the services of the event.


Some of the testimonies written by the volunteers:

“I Volunteer to make a change”, Rotarct Saida

“I volunteer because as a pediatrician I can serve the children for a healthier life and better educational outcome. So, why not!!!”,Dr. Mona Hnaini.

“I volunteer because I have the passion to teach kids, especially those with special needs and learning disabilities… It gives me joy just looking at them and recognizing the beautiful smiles on their faces…”

“I volunteer because this brings pleasure to me when I see happiness on the faces who need it the most!!”

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