Autism Carnival

Orphan Welfare Society celebrated Autism Week from April 5th till the 10thending its festivities with a carnival at Saida Stadium. The carnival was attended by the students of Dr. Abdul Kader Kotob Center for Communication Disorders and their parents, the staff of the organization, as well as the president Dr. Said Makkaoui. Activities at the carnival were contributed by the Lebanese Scout Association, the Lebanese Red Cross, Rock 'n' Roll Center, students of Makassed Islamic School and Freestyle Academy. The carnival was kindly sponsored by the Subaru Motor Company.

The carnival began at 10 a.m. with a sports marathon for the students and all other participants.  The President of Orphan Welfare Society, Dr. Said Makkaoui, gave a speech in which he thanked the Mayor of Saida, Mr. Mohammad Saudi, for his help in championing the event; the Governor of the South, Mansour Daou, the Security Forces, the audience and the participating teams as well as the sponsor of the carnival, Mr. Fouad Zaatari, proprietor of the Subaru Motor Company. He also stressed the importance of the activity and praised the crucial role played by the OWS team in preparing for the opening of Ahmad Riad Jawhari Center for Autism which is funded by Mr. Mohamed Zaidan. Dr. Makkaoui said, “Raising awareness about children with autism has become inevitable in our society, and OWS will be the first association in the South to launch a specialized center for these children and to help them to merge in society later.”

In her turn, the principal of School for the Deaf and Dr. Abdul Kader center for Communication Disorders, Mrs.Dalal Hanna, assured in her speech that such activities help autistic children integrate into society and overcome their difficulties as well as offer support to their parents.  She said: "We are trying to train our team to help our students in addition to organize awareness sessions for the parents on how to provide the best care for our children. With the opening of Ahmad Riad Jawhari Center for Autism next year, we will be able to help a larger number of children.”

During the week, Dr. Abdul Kadir Kotob Center for Communication Disorder had organized a series of activities which included a sports day featuring competitive games; an agricultural day with the planting of an olive tree in the organization's garden, a discussion panel with the students' parents, the social worker and the psychologist, the making of handcrafts by the students, and an activity with Makassed islamic School students. 

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