International Day for Learning Difficulties

The learning support department at Saida Generation School (SGS), organized a group of activities for the students with learning difficulties on the occasion of International Day for Learning Difficulties on April 22nd.

For the first activity, the students held small banners with various statements such as “I improved in reading”, “My behavior was modified”, “My handwriting has improved” and other testimonies that show the students’ improvement and motivate them to exert more effort. The second activity, “I play and learn”, was a full day activity during which the students did various educational exercises. In addition, a short video entitled “Together we beat the difficulties” was shot to highlight the students’ skills improvement in Arabic, English as well as mathematics. The activities ended with a puppet show prepared by the team, called “A Puppet and a Story”. The goal of this show was to urge the students to take better care of their possessions and to learn about the importance of education in their life.

The president of Orphan Welfare Society, Dr. Said Makkaoui, said that the learning support department at SGS is an essential unit for those students who are not welcome at regular schools. “The number of students with learning difficulties is increasing and the goal of the team is to rehabilitate these students using the latest educational methods in order to integrate them into regular classes. This is our human and educational mission”, Makkaoui said.

In her turn, the head of  the Learning Support Department, Gemma Marroun, clarified the role of the team, the specialists and the teachers, who are working on modifying the curriculum to suit the students’ needs and skills, in addition to creating valuable activities that help the students achieve necessary educational goals and life skills. Maroun said, “The team’s role goes beyond working with students to coordinating with parents through counseling sessions to guide them through valuable methods they can use to follow up on teaching their children at home.”

The principal of SGS, Samar Hallak, assured that “as long as there are children in need for support to overcome their difficulties, the Learning Difficulties Unit will be open and we will not allow any child to remain without an education because this is our mission”.

The whole team at OWS assured that Learning Difficulties Day will be an annual event during which they will continue to celebrate the students’ achievements with them.


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