Hassan Abdul Jawad Band Supports OWS

Under the title "Music for a Cause", the talented young Sidonian music composer Hassan Abdul Jawad and his band presented a distinctive concert proceeds of which go to support the students with special needs at Orphan Welfare Society. The ceremony was attended by around 750 people from Sidon and its neighboring cities.

The band played 17 symphonies, composed by Abdul-Jawad, including a piece entitled “Graduation” specially written for our students with special needs. Abdul Jawad said, "We are thrilled today because our music is supporting those from whom WE learn about persistence and determination in life”. Abdul Jawad also thanked all the members of the band for their belief in the music they performed and their commitment during their rehearsal time.

In his speech, the President of Orphan Welfare Society, Dr. Said El-Makkaoui, stressed that this event is very significant because it achieves two goals for the city of Sidon. The first is support for the education of marginalized groups in our society, and the second is support for young Sidonian talents. He pointed out that the Hassan Abdul-Jawad concert is a great example of refined art that simultaneously aims to entertain and support the community; hence the event was launched under the slogan “Music for a Cause”.

El-Makkaoui added, “This ceremony is not the first artistic activity organized by OWS.  The organization organized an “Art for a Cause” exhibition last year with the local Sidonian artist Salam Bsat and proceeds from her sold paintings went to support the organzation. Needless to say, the concert will not be the last artistic activity organized by OWS; the organization will be collaborating with a wide group of other artists”.

The band consists of 12 musicians: Hassan Abdul Jawad (piano and keyboard), Inga Shamsuddin, Yasmin Aoun and Dalia Aoun (violin), Rowan AlHedeq (clarinet), Salah Hably (trumpet), Karim Badi (keyboard), Noor Osseiran (vocals), Adil Zfattawi (percussion), Basem  Abdul Jawad (drums), and Dr. Ali Abdul Jawad (guitar).

Orphan Welfare Society, and on behalf of its special children, would like to thank all those who participated in and contributed to the success of this event, especially the sponsors of this event: Subaru Company, Yemen Group, Front Row, and Live Love saida. OWS is also very grateful to its partners: the Rotary Club, Rotaract, Interact, Spudz ‘N More, Shawarmaz Express, Hani AlBobo establishment, Yara's Garden and Boutique Dar.


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