Music Learning for Children with Special Needs

Orphan Welfare Society (OWS) has launched its Music Learning project for Children with Special Needs. This project was funded by the Corporate Foundation D’Entreprise (CMA-CGM) in addition to a number of other philanthropists. The project is the first of its kind in Lebanon and is being implemented in collaboration with “Drums for Schools - UK” whose technical support will continue throughout the year.

The first stage of the project was to equip a room in OWS where the musical instruments, specifically made for children with special needs, were installed. This was followed by an intensive training for the team from the 13th to 15th of January.

The importance of implementing this project is due to its significant benefits to the children. Music learning helps in improving the perceived quality of daily life; increasing individual levels of socialization, self-confidence, and cooperativeness; enhancing individual skills such as listening, teamwork, leadership, coordination and concentration; in addition to decreasing levels of stress and aggression.

The training was attended by around forty teachers from the various OWS schools: Ahmad Mosbah Bizri School for Special Need, the School for the Deaf, the Center for Children with Autism, Dr. AbdulKader Kotob Center for Communication Disorders, and the Learning Difficulties Unit in Saida Generation School.

Two specialists, with a minimum of ten years experience in special need music teaching, visited Lebanon from the UK and held the training. The teachers were introduced to a range of musical instruments and various styles of music teaching. One of the training sessions was carried out with the children and their reaction was amazing.

It is worth mentioning that the teachers found the training truly enjoyable and are all very enthusiastic to start leading their own music sessions with the children. They are also hopeful that OWS will secure enough funding to implement the second phase of the project for further advanced training.

Photo by: Rola Jawad

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