Saida Lit It Up in Blue in Support of Children with Autism

Orphan Welfare Society - Saida in collaboration with Saida Municipality launched the “Light it Up Blue” event as part of its ongoing Autism Awareness Campaign - initiated a month ago- by lighting up Saida Sea Castle in blue and reflecting the campaign’s hash tag in support of children with autism on March 30th at 7:00 p.m. This initiative was also adopted by a group of organizations who lit their buildings up in blue at the same time. These Light-it-up-in-Blue buildings include Raee Hospital, Hammoud Hospital, Labib Medical Center, The Spot Mall-Saida, Abou Merhi Foundation , Al Bassam Store, Abra Church and all OWS buildings.

The event was attended by the city’s public figures, sponsors and partners of the campaign who came to support the cause, in addition to a group of invitees who were welcomed by President of OWS Dr. Said Makkaoui and Mayor Mr. Mohammad Al Saudi, as well as municipality members and the OWS team.

The ceremony started with the national anthem performed in sign language by students of the School for the Deaf and of Ahmad Mosbah Bizri Center for Special Needs. This was followed by Dr. Makkaoui addressing the audience and thanking all the sponsors and supporters of the campaign: “ A special thank you goes to Mr. Al-Saudi and Saida Municipality for supporting our campaign from the beginning and for helping us organize the Spring Autism Carnival. In addition, Saida Municipality has collaborated with us to light up the Saida Sea Castle in blue, the color of hope that symbolizes autism all over the world. This is a global event where countries around the world light up their iconic landmarks. Here too in Saida, our Sea Castle which lies on the coast of our beloved Saida is supporting children with autism along with a group of many important buildings in Saida”.

Later, a group of OWS students from the school for the deaf and the school for special needs performed a musical show; the result of the music therapy training that OWS established few months ago.

In his turn, Mr. Al Saudi highlighted OWS’s role in serving orphans in the Sidonian community, as well as those children with special needs and most recently the autistic.

At the end of the event, Dr. Makkaoui and Mr. Al Saudi lit up the Sea Castle with the OWS logo and the campaign’s hash tag reflected on the castle’s wall.

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