Orphan Welfare Society Launches “Ramadan Al Dar” Campaign

Sixty Five years (65) and your generous support continues to grow. The trust and the support of the Saidonians and all Lebanese who have believed in OWS throughout the years have helped to implement its mission and to achieve its charitable role to educate and embrace underprivileged children, those with special needs and the youth, and set the path of its charitable role in the community and among its various groups.

This year, we’re welcoming the holy month of Ramadan (2017-1438) with a new campaign “Ramadan Al Dar … Your Goodwill Continues to Grow”. Ramadan is about kindness, mercy, goodwill, righteousness and blessings. These are the holy month’s values which OWS has chosen to reflect its Ramadan campaign.

  • Ramadan is Kindness (Ihsan): for 10,000 L.L. you can provide a daily iftar meal for an orphan or a needy family. You can also have Iftar in OWS with our children.
  • Ramadan is Mercy (Rahma): you can donate through “fotra”; starting from 5000 L.L. (according to Dar Ul Fatwa)
  • Ramadan is Goodwill (Al-Khayr): you can pay AL-Zakat at OWS; 2.5% according to Islamic Sharia.
  • Ramadan is Righteousness (Al-Berr): you can help us provide our children with Eid El-Fitr clothes either by donating 25.000 L.L. per child or by donating clothes which are either new or in good condition.
  • Ramadan is a Blessing (Barakah): join our Annual Sohour organized by OWS Ladies Committee, on June 10th (15th of Ramadan) at the OWS garden at 10:30 p.m. The blessing (proceeds) of this sohour goes to support the education of OWS children with autism. Call us for your tickets at 07-722788 ext. 103,108,112.

Our team is ready to help you throughout the month of Ramadan. You can contact them at 07-722788, ext. 103,108,112.

There are many other ways you can donate to our mission:

  • You can donate via our bank accounts at Bank Med and Audi Bank.
  • You can donate online via our website: www.orphanwelfare-lb.org
  • You can write a bank cheque payable to “Orphan Welfare Society”
  • You can visit our offices at the OWS compound, Serail roundabout, Dar Al Fatat bldg.
  • We can send our representative to visit you.

Although this year has been a challenging one on many levels, your generous support has helped us build new partnerships, and make various developments within our schools, centers and departments in order to provide our children with the best welfare environment to continue their education empowering them to face life challenges and to build their future and achieve social integration. We sought relentlessly to provide our children with the best modern education methods with special emphasis on new educational technology mainly in the schools for children with special needs, in addition to effective and efficient staff training.

We thank you again for all your support.

Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them

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