OWS Launches Ramadan Decorations

President of Orphan Welfare Society, Dr. Said El-Makkaoui, Mayor of Saida Municipality, Eng. Mohammad Saudi and Mr. Ali Koteich, proprietor of Framedia Printing, jointly held a press conference in Saida Municipality to launch the Ramadan decorations that OWS and Framedia initiated to decorate Saida in collaboration with Saida municipality.

Dr. El-Makkaoui started his speech by thanking Saida Municipality for its collaboration with OWS for the fourth year and congratulated the Sidonians on the coming on of holy month of Ramadan. Dr. El-Makkaoui said: “For the fourth year in a row, we confirm that Saida is a Ramadan city through the exceptional and eye-catching decorations. I extend my sincere thanks to Saida Municipality for its collaboration and all the companies that have participated in this project: Audi Bank, Bank MED, Fransabank, BLOM Bank, Sawi Zantout, Kilani Group, Labib Medical Center, Dr. Salim Ramadan Medical Center, Patchi, Framedia team and last but not least Mr. Ali Koteich”.

Dr. El-Makkaoui also mentioned that OWS has also launched its latest Campaign: ““Ramadan Al Dar … Your Goodwill Continues to Grow” which reflects the holy month’s values of Kindness, Mercy, Goodwill, Righteousness and Blessing. The campaign features Iftar Li Dar where one can provide a daily Iftar meal for an orphan or a needy family for 10,000 L.L. per person or have Iftar at OWS with our children; pay Fotra starting from 5000 L.L.; pay the 2.5% of AL-Zakat; provide our children with Eid El-Fitr clothes either by donating 25.000 L.L. per child or by donating clothes which are either new or in good condition. In addition, the OWS Ladies Committee is organizing its annual Sohour on June 10th (15th of Ramadan) at the OWS garden at 10:30 p.m.

Mr. Saudi praised the efforts of OWS and Framedia and said that the decorations are attracting visitors to Saida from all over Lebanon. Mr. Saudi also said: “Saida recently has been a veritable city of life with its various activities and events, and today we have these amazing Ramadan decorations. I hope for the continuous collaboration between NGOs and companies.”

In his turn, Mr. Ali Koteish went on to describe the procedure of designing, creating and installing the decorations saying that the process requires months of preparations, “We’re trying to provide new ideas each year inspired by the holy month and to mix traditional and modern elements.”

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