Ramadan Al Dar: Your Goodwill continues to grow

A number of institutions, clubs and individual philanthropists have overwhelmed Orphan Welfare Society children with their generous donations and support during the holy month of Ramadan.

The children were invited to various dinners (Iftars) both inside and outside OWS and they gladly attended these iftars experiencing the spirit of this holy month and feeling assured that there are those who are looking out for them despite their rough lives.

Each iftar had its own uniqueness; some of them took place at special restaurants in Saida and its neighborhood,   others happened in the OWS garden which has been decorated for the occasion with shining lightings and lanterns so the children would enjoy their iftars in Ramadan ambience .

In addition to iftars, our generous philanthropists singled out our children with new Eid clothes, shoes and toys.

In its turn, OWS has been running its own iftars to provide more than 700 orphans and SGS students’ families with daily iftar meals as part of its Ramadan Your Goodwill Continues to Grow campaign.

OWS extends its sincere gratitude and appreciation to all institutions and individuals who have delightfully put a smile on our children’s faces:  El Sader Foundation, The Dodge Club Lebanon, The Lebanese Automotive (Ferrari Cars), Rotary Club, Ajyalouna, Audi Bank, Shohada’ Mosque Committee, Nakib Hospital, Islamic Relief, Baderi NGO, Moghrabi & Solh Institution, Lebanese Scout in addition to all the other generous contributors who prefer not to have their names mentioned.

Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them

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