Mohammad Zaidan Center for Vocational Training Graduation- 2nd promotion

Orphan Welfare Society and Mohammad Zaidan Center for Vocational Training held their second annual graduation ceremony at the OWS playground. The ceremony was attended by a number of religious, political and social figures from Saida, in addition to the students’ families and friends.


The ceremony started with the alumni procession, followed by SGS student Mohammad Hijazi reciting a section of the Quran. After the national anthem, Mrs. Leila Nassar Ibrahim, head of Mohammad Zaidan Center for Vocational Training welcomed the audience. In her address, she emphasized the importance of vocational education in building the future of the youth, “We should embrace those who face socio-economic conditions and cannot pursue regular education in schools for you cannot imagine the dire conditions they face. Our role at Mohammad Zaidan Center is to rehabilitate and support those students in their education and inject them with confidence and esteem in order to help them overcome their problems and the obstacles they face. We have to make sure that we provide majors that fit the needs of the local job markets and to give relevant training opportunities to help our students begin their future life journeys confidently.”


Alumnus Speech

In his speech, the honor listed student, Wafic Habbal, shared the path he chose in his vocational education and explained how this helped him build his future despite all the negative stereotypes of vocational education in our community. He also thanked his teachers who have supported him and those who have motivated him to continue his career development after graduating.



Dr. Said El-Makkaoui, the President of OWS, also addressed the audience. He stressed that the continuity of the OWS is foremost due to people’s support and trust: “People’s trust and the support of the Saidonians give us the strength and ability to continue our obligation towards the underprivileged children and motivate us to persist in training and developing our team. We have carried out several capacity building workshops and in-house trainings with the aim of developing and ameliorating the skills of and the educational programs among all levels of the organizational hierarchy; and results will be evident in the coming years.” 

EL-Makkaoui also updated the audience on Ahmad Riad Al Jawhari Center for Children with Autism the funds for which have been generously donated by Mr. Mohammad Zaidan. He said that the center will open by the end of summer 2017, adding: “This model center in Saida and the South will provide children with autism and their parents an opportunity to develop their skills. This year we implemented an extensive awareness campaign to inform people about autism and to support the children who experience it."

Dr. Makkaoui congratulated the students and their parents and commended the team at the vocational center for their efforts throughout the year.

Certificates were finally distributed to all the graduates who later celebrated their success together. It is worth mentioning that the class of 2017 graduated in various fields including hair dressing for women, hair dressing for men, beauty and makeup, chef’s assistant, computer languages, maintenance of cellular phones, Photoshop and photography, general electricity and industrial electricity.

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