OWS Celebrates Volunteer Day

Orphan Welfare Society - Saida held its annual gathering on the occasion of Volunteer’s Day in honor of its volunteers. The gathering started with a panel discussion about “Voluntary Initiatives” moderated by Head of Communication Department, Farah Baalbaki, with the volunteering expert and the secretary of “Volunteer for Lebanon” Ngo Sana Hasan, the professor in Qalaa High School Mrs. Safaa Antar, Phonecia University student Miss Noha Bakri. The panelists discussed how do we initiate to volunteer and what are the steps we should follow to reach success.

However OWS has dedicated a private room for the volunteers to have their own space in the association and to work on their initiatives.

Mrs. Safaa Antar began the discussion and said:”I had started volunteering with OWS around ten years ago when I decided to come with my students to help the children in the residential unit .I was surprised when my students began to come up with ideas for activities and initiatives to help the children. So I would like to salute and thank OWS for such opportunity.

On her turn, Miss Noha Bakri told about her initiative with her colleagues in Phonecia University. “We decided to collect winter clothes and donate them to OWS. Once we announced about this charity, a big number of students from other faculties were excited to help us so we collected a large amount of clothes to distribute,” said Miss Noha Bakri.

After that, Mrs. Sana Hasan talked about the importance of volunteering and the steps we should follow to succeed in our initiatives.

“It comes from the need of the society, so we have to search, ask, and prepare to end by a performance task”. She added: “that some people believe that there is no reward of volunteering, but the self-satisfaction we feel after each volunteering and the thankfulness is the most important”.

Then the volunteers started to talk about their experiences in volunteering and its impact on others. For tha, a student’s mother “Najiya Al- Ghorabi“ said:“I want to thank Miss Safaa Antar and OWS for their role, because when Karim volunteered last year, he became more responsible and more caring.”

At the end of the celebration, OWS honored Miss Safaa Antar for her efforts all these years, however Dr. Said Makkaoui, president of OWS gave her a symbolic gift and a certificate of appreciation.

Moreover, the volunteer’s office honored Mrs. Safaa J. Makkaoui for her efforts throughout the years in establishing the volunteer program in OWS and awarded her a symbolic gift.

Finally, the volunteers opened their private room, and took a thyme plant as a taken of thanks.

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