Mrs. El-Sader Visits Orphan Welfare Society

President of El-Sader Foundations, Mrs. Rabab El-Sader Sharafeddine and El-Sader’s Foundation Ladies Committee visited Sidon Orphan Welfare Society. They were welcomed by President Dr. Said El-Makkaoui, Directior Mrs. Fatina Jardaly, Head of Public Relations Mr. Nabil Fakhoury, the society’s Ladies Social Committee, and the Heads of departments.

The visitors were taken on a tour around the organization's departments and given brief presentations about the aims of each of department and the services that they provide to the children. The tour included Dar El-Fatat, the Sewing Factory, the Vocational Training School, Hajj Ahmad Mosbah Bizri Center for Special Needs, the School for the Deaf, Dr. Abdul Kader Kotob Center for Communication Difficulties, and the Specialized Clinics for outpatients with special needs.

Mrs. El-Sader expressed her admiration with the mission of the organization which she said greatly resembles that of the El-Sader Foundation; mainly to help orphans and children with special needs, in addition to providing vocational training. Moreover, she described the importance of social work by saying: “Social work is like a symphony; all the players must play the tune together in harmony in order to succeed”. Dr. El-Makkaoui briefed Mrs. El-Sader and the Ladies Committee about the history of Sidon Orphan Welfare Society and highlighted the role of El-Sader Foundations while stressing the importance of collaboration between the associations to help elevate our community.

At the end of the tour, the visitors had a lunch in honor of Mrs. El-Sader and the Ladies. Dr. El-Makkoui presented Mrs. El-Sader with a painting made by the students from the center for children with special needs.

It is worth mentioning that the lunch was prepared and catered for by the culinary and hospitality classes at the Vocational Training School and all photos were taken by the photography students as a part of their classroom training.


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