SGS Graduation Ceremony 2015

Like every year, OWS and SGS celebrated the graduation of students of KG3 and Grade 6 in a large ceremony in the presence the students’ parents, the school team, as well as donors and supporters of OWS.

Mrs. Samar Hallak, the school principal, in her speech, she addressed the students and asked them to have morals always and don’t disobey their parents. Also, she asked the parents to follow up their children’s issues especially their studying and distance them from bad environments.

In his turn, president of OWS, Dr. Said El-Makkaoui, addressed the audience and thanked the school staff for their great offers that is witnessed through the children’s behavior and their results. Also, he asked the parents to support their children and the association will provide them with all education materials in order to be active members in the community. In addition, Dr. Makkaoui drew the attention that the students now are willing to continue their academic education instead of choosing vocational training.

The certificates were distributed for all students. Also, the students performed different dancing and a special song.


Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them

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