Closing Ceremony of Environmental Project at SGS

The Closing Ceremony of the environmental project was held at Saida Generation School (SGS), in the presence of representative of MP Mrs.Bahia Hariri and Hariri Foundation, Mr. Ousama Arnaout, the municipality member Mr. Mohammad Kobrosli, Chreek organization representative Mr. Georges Ghafari, and the school principal Mrs. Samar Hallak. The project “Study, Play, Recycle” was implemented in the school in cooperation with Chreek Organization and by the support of Hariri Foundation. Also, it’s a part of the campaign “Saida 2020 Eco-Friend”.

The celebration started by presenting the projects that the students of Environment Club, which are: decorating a wall in the school by plastic bottles and cans, some small projects that will educate children on how to generate power without polluting the environment, creating decorations from nylon bags and planting plants in the rubber tires. In addition, the students performed a sketch about saving water, air and the use of electricity. At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Arnaout distributed certificates for the students and the teachers who participated in the project. Proudly, the civics teacher at SGS was designated as Chreek representative in Saida.

It should be noted that the project aims to change the concept of waste sorting among students, urges them to concern for the environment, and helps them to design innovative models of waste. The project was divided into three steps carried out during the school year 2014-2015:

- The first step: the teachers defined garbage sorting and recycling concept to the students and "environmental police" was launched to monitor the progress of the garbage sorting and a 1000 L.L.  minute was determined for the students who violate the process.  

- Step Two: Distribution of sorting containers in the classrooms and at the playgrounds, in addition to hanging the posters throughout the school

- The third step: the students of SGS in partner with Chreek organization members decorated the school wall with plastic and canes, built models and made a garden made of plastic bottles and cardboard.


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