Ramadan Dinners (Iftar) 2015

Each year, during the holy month of Ramadan, Orphan Welfare Society philanthropists and supporters invite our children to dinners (Iftar) inside the Dar or outside.

We would like to thank everybody and extend our appreciations to all of them: Mrs. Lama Slam, General Director of General Security MG Abbas Ibrahim, Dr.Abdul Rahman Bizri, Mr. Wajih Bizri Sons, Mrs. Maha Moussa, Mr. Ghaleb Antar, Mrs. Intisar Huneini, Mr. Saad Zeidan, Mr. Ahmad Abou Hammoud, Mr. Ayman Naamani, Mr. Bilal El Hojari, Mrs. Hoda Bitar, Mrs. May Jammoul, Mrs. Aziza Dada, Mrs. Nada Hallak, Mr. Mohamad Jamal, Mr. Mouhib Kadoura and Mrs. Nadine Jouni.

In addition to: Reo Plaza restaurant, Kidz Mondo, Ajyalouna, Enjaz, Rotary Club, Red Cross, LIU students (Prof.Farah Khattab), Maisonetter Restaurant (Mr. Mohamad Huneini), Ramadan Gheir Group, Honey Beez day care and all philanthropists who preferred not to mention their names.


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