Alame: Our Objectives Were Achieved

Here, Mohammad Alame, one of Teach for Lebanon fellows who teached at Saida Generation School describes his experience with our children. “Part of being a Teach for Lebanon fellow, 

located in Saida to make a radical positive change in the southern community, I wanted my students to take part of an interesting extra-curricular activity that would benefit the students of Saida Generations School residing at the Orphan Welfare Society. As a mechanical engineer, I have seen how introducing engineering concepts and applying that knowledge through projects could enhance the critical thinking of the participants, develop the spirits of group work and shed lights on the beauty of engineering as a possible career. As a result, I have started along 8 students “The Mechanical Engineering” club at the orphanage with equipment sponsored by both the orphanage and myself. Projects, supported by the administration of the orphanage, included a windmill, hydro-power production, four educational board games, a solar oven, electro-magnetism and a mini-car.

 As the science fair approaches, and by the end of the academic year, I am confident to say that our objectives were achieved, and the 8 members of the club have developed a sense of responsibility, group work, the ability to plan projects and troubleshoot.”


Mohammad Alame


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