SGS Launches Educational Sessions Series

Saida Generation School, in Orphan Welfare Society, launched an educational sessions series with the, at Hajj Hassan Makkawi, which was opened lately at SGS. The first session, "preparing a new teacher and develop an effective teacher", was held and continues till the end of September.

The current session is one among various Courses and Seminars that Orphan Welfare Society seeks to develop the performance of the teachers in Saida and the South. Mrs. Nadine Joudi will train the teachers, where the teachers will gain certificates from the Arab Board. The sessions include: differential learning, and learning methods, in addition to the preparation of lessons in terms of objectives and areas, formulation and means in the twenty-first century and interactive board in collaboration with Mr. Moussa Sweidan. In addition to other sessions including: learning difficulties and classroom management courses, assessment in terms of social skills, excessive violence and motor development, shame, anxiety, tension and slow learning, autism, evaluation and competitions and examinations.


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