Vocational Training School (Mohamad Zaidan)

The Services

The Vocational School was established with the aim of focusing on the kinds of jobs and employment sought after by the labor market. The association’s main concern was to ensure job opportunities for their students once they graduated.

The Vocational School offers students (14 to 18 years) who cannot continue their academic learning due to challenging social and economic conditions a profitable productive alternative. The fields of study offered are chef’s assistant, hairdresser, beautician, medical secretary, computer programmer, electrician, industrial electrician, photographer & photoshop use, repair and maintenance of cellular phones.

The duration of the official program for such trainings has been extended to one year and courses in Arabic, English, Mathematics and Computer Literacy were added to the curriculum. In addition, the program requires students to work for a minimum of two months in their field of study before receiving their degree. The students graduate with a certificate/ degree in “Accelerated Vocational Program” approved by the Ministry of Education.

The program has been considered a success as almost all the students who have graduated from the program have been able to find employment.

In 2015, a new building was constructed for a new Vocational School by the donation of Mr. Mohammad Zaidan. The school can accommodate around 350 students.

Future Plans

• Opening a new major (heating- cooling)
• Participating in School Network activity, one of them is the annual folk festival

• Collaborating with NGOs to train students on life skills in addition to the awareness sessions that prevent them from dangers they may face in their society.