Mohammad Zaidan Center for Vocational Training
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Mohammad Zaidan Center for Vocational Training at Orphan Welfare Organization (OWO) offers services to early school dropouts and youth challenged to continue their studies. It aims to rehabilitate them professionally to help them become productive and effective and work on developing their social relations, instilling in them love and appreciation for work and a sense of liability, confidence, and honesty.


- Up to 120 students from the age 14 to 22 years old.


  • Recruit student dropouts or those facing complex social and economic conditions, and offer them a vocational program.
  • Upskill students with vocations that render them productive within a short period.
  • Instill in the students a passion for work and liability, confidence, and honesty.
  • Develop the students' social relations and integrate them into society by securing sustainable job opportunities.
  • Work on positive change at the individual, familial and social levels.

*Accelerated Vocational Curriculum
Approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE)


  • Offer accelerated vocational training in diverse fields required in the job market.
  • Run preparatory accelerated training programs for students younger than 16 years.
  • Develop students' literacy in computers and related basic work skills.
  • Ensure internship opportunities in various institutions to enhance students' networking opportunities and help them secure decent future job prospects.
  • Run awareness sessions about life skills to enhance their professional and social relationships.
  • Empower youth with the right mindset to confront potential life risks and hazards.


The vocational school in the Orphan Welfare society aims to receive students who suffer from school dropouts or a difficult economic or social situation and subject them to a vocational rehabilitation program that raises their efficiency and professional experiences and develop their social relations and instill in them a love of the profession and commitment to work with confidence and honesty so that society has productive elements and socially and professionally empowered youth capable of facing social and economic challenges and difficulties.

The goals that the vocational school seeks to achieve.

1. The student acquires a skill which makes him productive and professional within a short period (two years).

2. Work with confidence and honesty, develop their social relations and integrate them into society to achieve continuity and success.

3. Seeking positive change at the individual, family and community levels.

4. Holding awareness workshops to activate their professional and social relations.

5. Conducting awareness workshops to address the risks of life to which young people are exposed and how to confront them.

6. Providing training opportunities for students in various institutions and companies with the aim of networking and obtaining a future job opportunity.

7. Developing students' computer skills.

8. Adopt a preparatory program for accelerated vocational training for those under the age of 14.

150 students benefit from the vocational school annually, who are professionally trained during the year about the importance of commitment to work.

During the end of the year, coordination is made between the school administration and the companies, salon owners and restaurants to train and follow up the students during this period, which gives them the way to achieve a successful job opportunities and to build a successful future.