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The Butterflies Nursery at Orphan Welfare Organization (OWO) aims to provide a positive and caring environment to infants and toddlers and their parents based on trust and respect. We transform the lives of the children through play, active exportation of their environment, and meaningful interactions to empower them to become self-confident and motivated learners.


 -Up to 30 infants from the age of 17 months to 5 years old.


  • Create a nursery that feels like home with an extended and supportive family environment.
  • Provide a safe, happy, inclusive, and stimulating environment for infants and toddlers.
  • Enable all children to develop their capabilities as motivated learners, confident and emotionally healthy individuals.
  • Prepare young children for future success through early literacy and emotional development.



  • Provide childcare and education to infants and toddlers.
  • Engage infants and toddlers in fun activities to develop social and everyday skills.
  • Build children's cognitive growth, motor skills, problem-solving, and language development through sensory play activities.
  • Organize free play and focused activities designed to nurture toddlers' creativity and emotional well-being throughout the day.
  • Provide health services through professional nurses.
  • Organize emotional and social support sessions for families.


The Butterfly Nursery at the Orphan Welfare Society in Saida aims to provide a positive and nurturing environment for infants, young children and their parents based on trust and respect. We transform children's lives through play and active export of their environment to enable them to become confident and motivated learners. The vision and main mission is to work on children in the early intervention stage and early integration of children who suffer from various difficulties, believing that every child has the right to education and rehabilitation.